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Learning theories are helpful for parents because they allow them to understand the developmental stages of their children’s lives. Families can learn from the various theories and theorists. Young children are constantly “engaged in exploration and discovery of the world around them, within which they learn to understand that there are boundaries. They are acquiring the meanings of their language, and that other people have different perspectives on the world” (Smith, 2004).  This blog will discuss a variety of theories including those of Lev Vygotsky’s and Sigmund Freud. These theories can help families to guide their children towards becoming successful adults. Learning theories are valuable to families and parents and help parents understand

“1) Their important role in modeling appropriate behaviours for children and structuring the consequences that teach children new behaviours 2) Children copy parents whether parents are carrying out approved or disapproved behaviours 3) Children want parental attention and will seek it by negative means if they do not get it for positive behaviours and 4) the conditions under which children learn best” (Brooks, 2011).


This blog will also discuss positive child rearing and how the theorists can help families to choose positive methods of child rearing leading to positive growth and development in the young child. According to the law, parents must provide “acceptable forms of discipline for behaviours” (Brooks, 2011) and this blog will discuss the negative and positive forms of discipline. Families have a lifelong effect on their children’s well-being and learning, and their influence is particularly potent during the early childhood years, particularly from birth to three years (Smith, 2004). All children have different temperaments and a child’s behaviour is very much influenced by their families and their parents.

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